Time for Bubbly



Are you ready to ring in the New Year? We are! While our wine departments are stocked with many great Champagnes and sparkling wines perfect for toasting, we have to admit that we do have a favorite: J.P. Chenet Blanc De Blancs Brut.This value-minded - and utterly delicious - French Sparkler holds a coveted spot on our Top Ten Wines for the holidays. Fine bubbles and a golden hue make this delicate but powerful pour quite refined.


Whether you pair its apricot and buttery brioche notes with Bon Homme Brie from Normandy or Hervé Mons Camembert cheese, pour for a toast or sip after a long day, it always shines.Looking for dishes to serve with it? Our recipe gurus say these pair well:

Confused about the difference between Champagne and sparkling wines? You're not alone! Here's a quick overview. Just as some wines and cheeses are only produced in a specific geographic area, only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can be officially labeled "Champagne." Other European countries use other names for the sparkling wine they produce: Cava in Spain, Prosecco, Asti or Spumante in Italy and Sekt in Germany. Bubblies from California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the several wine-producing countries of South America are generally referred to as sparkling wine or sparklers.


So, should you serve Champagne or sparkling wine? There's really no right or wrong answer here - it's truly a personal choice. We offer a variety of Champagnes and sparklers - you're sure to find some perfectly suited to your party budget. Many sparkling wines rival true Champagne in taste and complexity and, like the Blanc De Blancs Brut, provide a nice value too.Learn more in our Champagne Primer opens in a new tab and always, always, always feel free to chat with our store team members who will gladly help you make a selection perfectly suited to your tastes. Cheers!

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