'Tis the Season for Citrus

We like to celebrate this time of year with our citrus growers who bring the bright taste of sunshine to the holidays! Many people think that citrus season is in the summer when other juicy fruits are in season, but peak citrus season is actually in the cooler months. Right now is the best time to start tasting different kinds of citrus to find your favorites and learn what might be best suited to your favorite recipes. Choose citrus fruits that feel firm and heavy for their size and avoid fruit that is misshapen or obviously damaged. So many varieties of citrus are available this time of year, the best thing to do is grab something new and taste, taste, taste! Here are just a few descriptions of citrus in our stores this season:

  • Satsumas – easy to peel, tangy and sweet, seedless

  • Blood Oranges – juicy and sweet with raspberry overtones and bright red flesh

  • Tangerines – intense flavor, sometimes sweet, sometimes tart

  • Clementines – exceptionally sweet, juicy pulp, virtually seedless

  • Tangelos – refreshingly tart, very juicy

  • Navels – seedless, exceptionally sweet, easy to peel

I enjoy citrus in salads, cocktails, baked goods and in sauces and vinaigrettes. Here are some other recipes that feature citrus to try (some of these make great holiday gifts, too!):
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Two-Bite Shrimp Pancakes with Satsuma Relish opens in a new tab






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Cuban-Style Flat Iron Steak with Lime, Orange, Garlic, Cumin and Oregano opens in a new tab






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In addition to snacking on and incorporating citrus into recipes, my family likes to give baskets of citrus as gifts when we’re visiting friends and family for the holidays. Citrus makes for pretty and easy table décor too — just arrange into bowls or into tall glass vases for a more dramatic presentation. Best of all, you can eat them for dessert! What will you do with this bounty of peak-season citrus this season?

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