Top 10 Wines & Cheese: A Summer Love Story

Looking for a summer romance? Our Wine Guys play matchmaker for summer’s best wine and cheese pairings.

The Summer Top Ten Wines opens in a new tab are just perfect for pairing. In fact, they’ve become quite compatible and cozy with an amazing selection of artisan cheeses. So much so, we’re pronouncing this the Summer of Love…for wine and cheese!We’ve worked with our Global Cheese Buyer Cathy Strange to perfectly match cheeses that are delicious companions to our top-notch summer wines at easy-to-swallow prices opens in a new tab. These specially selected Top Ten Summer Wines, all priced under $20, hail from the world’s top wine-producing countries. From alternative whites and recently popular off-dry reds to classic Bordeaux and Côtes du Rhône, these wines are well suited to romance their cheese counterparts from France, England, Spain and the U.S.For your summer enjoyment, we offer you our love notes for Top Ten Summer Wines and cheeses:

Elios Mediterranean White – This crisp, fresh, dry white Greek wine has mineral notes and ripe citrus on the nose. Perfect for sipping on the porch or served at brunch.Pair with — The mushroom aromas and luscious creaminess of Isigny Ste. Mère Brie, the best of Normandy, tame the fresh acidity of this summer sipper.Allan Scott Millstone Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – Made with organically grown grapes, this elegant crisp white tastes of ripe grapefruit and lemon sherbet.Pair with — Bucherondin, a soft, dense goat’s milk cheese, is a silky companion for this New Zealand wine and the cheese’s white, birch-like rind hints at its name, which is French for “woodcutter.”
Vega Sindoa Viura Chardonnay – This Spanish favorite is full-bodied with crisp acidity like a bright green apple and delicate floral aromas.Pair with — Manchego, a traditional Spanish cheese, is a great partner to this summer white as the sheep’s milk used in the Manchego brings a touch of sweetness for a true Spanish romance.Simi Chardonnay – A classic Sonoma County Chardonnay with ripe apple and pear notes and a touch of buttery popcorn on the finish, this wine offers golden color and excellent balance.Pair with — It goes hand-in-hand with Farmhouse Gouda, an exclusive to Whole Foods Market. The raw cow’s milk Gouda is aged 9 months, making its nutty, gently sharp notes distinctive with Simi Chardonnay.
Cupcake Red Velvet – A casual, slightly sweet California red that brims with grape, plum and a touch of spicy strawberry jam that can be enjoyed slightly chilled.Pair with — Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue, a sweet, buttery blue hand-selected for Whole Foods Market, brings out and balances the rich, spicy flavors of the Cupcake Red Velvet.Andes Crossing Malbec – This signature red from Argentina is dense and full of jam and spice with hints of ripe, dark cherries.Pair with — Grafton Village Classic Reserve Cheddar, a mature, two-year cheddar, is a real Vermont charmer that pairs well with the big vibrant Malbec to smooth its tannins.Get ready to discover your summer love story, one glass and nibble at a time. Cheers!

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