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Top Summer Leisure Wines


Nope, these wines are not decked out in leisure suits but they are perfectly suited to sipping while lounging in a deck chair! Delicious pool-side, lake-side or any-side, these wines are great for hot days and leisurely sipping. Chosen from our popular “Top Ten Summer Wines” program, these can’t-go-wrong wines also sport prices that won’t make you sweat.Here are our leisure wine picks:SOKOL BLOSSER EVOLUTION WHITE BLEND (Oregon)

  • Floral aroma and tropical flavor in a juicy, off-dry Chardonnay alternative

  • Blend of nine grapes, including Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer

  • Shines with Mexican or Caribbean food or cheese

Recipe pairing: Chicken, Corn and Roasted Pepper QuesadillasCheese pairing: Epoisses – a deliciously runny French cheese with distinct aroma and mild salty flavorOPALA VINHO VERDE (Portugal)

  • Fresh, juicy and easy to throw back

  • Citrusy Portuguese tongue tingler

  • Enjoy alone or with ceviche, shrimp cocktail or grilled salmon

Recipe pairing: Tropical Scallop and Mango CevicheCheese pairing: Robiola – a buttery, Italian soft-ripened cheese made from both cows’ and sheeps’ milkPLOW & STARS RIESLING (Washington)

Made with Organically Grown Grapes

  • First-release orange blossom and honeysuckle gem

  • A hint of sweetness and good acidity

  • Match with spicy Thai food

Recipe pairing: Pad Thai TofuCheese pairing: Humboldt Fog – a distinctive, soft-ripened aged goat cheese with subtle tanginessBLOCK NO. 45 PINOT NOIR (California)

  • Full-bodied and balanced

  • Savor its oaky vanilla and dried cherry notes

  • Sip with turkey burgers, pasta

Recipe pairing: Grilled Caribbean Pork TenderloinCheese pairing: Amadeus – a semi-soft, creamy, mellow-flavored cow’s milk cheese from rural Austrian alpine pasturesCheck out our Top Ten Summer Wines page for a complete list of our featured wines along with cheese and recipe pairings.

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