Top Ten Holiday Wines Takeover Twitterdom


The Top Ten Holiday opens in a new tab wines were flowing and the tweets were flying at our first-ever Twitter Tasting opens in a new tab last week where we joined a few hundred of our closest friends all across the country (and Canada!) to taste and tweet about these top-notch wines at easy-to-swallow prices opens in a new tab.As the corks popped, the tweet parties began with bloggers and wine-loving tweeters joining in the fun from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA and from Boca Raton, FL to Kennewick, WA. Many gathered at their nearest Whole Foods Market stores while others hosted their own Twitter Tastings in their homes. In one short hour, we tasted six of these holiday-friendly wines and the twitter-verse was buzzing with nearly 700 tweets sharing comments, photos and kudos for the Top Ten wines opens in a new tab – all under $15 a bottle!Like many great holiday parties, we started off with a fresh, French bubbly with De Chanceney Crémant de Loire. Award-winning wine blogger 1 Wine Dude opens in a new tab liked the tremendous value of this bubbly at about $12 per bottle and noted it was “a mouth-party waiting to be unleashed.” We agree! This bubbly is made just for Whole Foods Market by 30 families in the Loire Valley and the price and quality make this a great sparkler for the season.We then moved the party tasting to another of our Top Ten opens in a new tab favorites, the Römerhof Riesling, an award-winning white from a German family with 400 years of wine history. Riesling is HOT in the wine world right now, especially those from Germany, home of the best Rieslings anywhere. The Romerhof runs about $10 and is not only a good buy but a good choice to pair with the many flavors of a turkey-centric holiday meal. This Riesling is true to the grape and the terrior (land) where it is grown and the vineyards are mostly slate. Blogger Vintage Texas opens in a new tab suggested the Romerhof, with its green apple notes, as a nice pairing with all kinds of spicy foods.

The party was raging at our flagship store in Austin, as about 40 tweeters joined the fun led by blogger extraordinaire Fabulous Drinks Austin opens in a new tab. As the Dievole Dievolino Sangiovese di Toscana was poured, we learned that the Tweet & Taste generated so many tweets in Austin, it was the second most popular trending topic!The Dievole Dievolino was quickly applauded as one of the favorites of the evening. This super elegant and Old World-style is from Siena, Tuscany. Dievole starting making wine 1000 years ago! The grapes are handpicked from four select vineyards on the estate. Our tweeters really loved the lively, ruby red with a hint of juniper and the Old World-style prompted one tweeter to comment, “I’m looking over my shoulder for Tony Soprano!”

The last wine we tasted together was the Paso a Paso Tempranillo, made for Whole Foods Market by Jorge Ordonez, the man, the myth and the legend of Spanish wine in the U.S. This floral, deeply colored Tempranillo offers huge flavor with Old World grapes in a New World wine style. Perfect for venison, lamb or pork or just about any type of meat, making it a true winner for the holiday table. The Paso a Paso became a twitter favorite for the taste and the price, under $12.Thanks to everyone who came to the Twitter Tasting – just the kind of party we love where friends can get together to taste wines and share their thoughts with other wine lovers. We’ve searched the world to find the best wines at amazing prizes for your enjoyment this holiday season, and we hope this helps kick start the celebration.And for more holiday fun, don’t forget to enter now for a chance to win a California Wine Country VIP getaway from Whole Foods Market® and opens in a new tab with the Top Ten Wines Sweepstakes opens in a new tab. A random drawing will be conducted on December 10 for this 4-day/3-night trip for two to expand your wine knowledge and give you an experience of a lifetime!


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