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Tribute to a Reggae Legend

Congratulations to Patricia for winning Putumayo's 5-CD reggae collection and thanks to all of you who shared your favorite Bob Marley song with us! Dan Storper is the CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music. Tribute-to-a-Reggae-Legend-Cover-WEB-300x269_0.jpg

Congratulations to Patricia for winning Putumayo's 5-CD reggae collection and thanks to all of you who shared your favorite Bob Marley song with us!Dan Storper is the CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music.

Few people have made the kind of lasting, universal impact that Bob Marley has made with his music. In his short 36 years, Marley managed not only to introduce hundreds of millions to reggae but also spread powerful messages of peace, love, human rights and acceptance. It’s no surprise that almost 30 years after his death, one can travel to any part of the globe and witness his far-reaching musical legacy. (Read on for a chance to win a 5 CD Putumayo Reggae collection.)Bob Marley would have been 65 in 2010, and in celebration, Putumayo World Music is releasing Tribute to a Reggae Legend, a multi-genre album featuring artists from around the world performing many of his best-loved songs. The collection is the first tribute album Putumayo has produced and its first with five exclusive, original tracks.

Artists who recorded songs for this release include Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone civil war. They beautifully harmonize on a poignant interpretation of “No Woman, No Cry.” South African Afro-fusion band Freshlyground contributes an original recording of “Africa Unite,” demonstrating their signature mix of African folk, kwela and jazz. Original recordings of “Could You Be Loved” by Québecois singer Caracol (formerly of the group Dobracaracol), “Natural Mystic” by California reggae/rock band Rebelution and “Sun is Shining” by Ghanaian reggae artist Rocky Dawuni, add to the diversity of the collection.Bob Marley was an ambassador and representative of people throughout the world who did not have a voice on the global stage. Reuben Koroma, band leader of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, talks about his reach:

There is a serious connection with Marley’s message because desperation is the same everywhere. Bob Marley spoke for the interest of many people who are suffering, and I think that the Refugee All Stars also are speaking for many people who are suffering.  We try to articulate the grievances of people who do not have the chance to be heard.  I believe it’s so important because many people are living in a refugee situation right now, so when people hear about our story—how we suffered and saw terrible times and were able to overcome all those obstacles, it gives people hope.

Mark Johnson, creator of Playing for Change, explains it this way:

A small crew started traveling the globe armed with a mobile recording studio, cameras and two songs, “Stand By Me” and “One Love.” I wonder sometimes after so many years of traveling the world if we chose these songs or if perhaps they chose us.  I will never forget the turning point in filming “One Love” when we traveled to a shack on the top of a hill in the township of Umlazi, South Africa.  We were working with a Zulu Choir named Sinamuva and when we arrived they were singing the choruses of “One Love” in their native language of Zulu.  Seeing their faces and feeling the love coming from their hearts as they sang this song was perhaps the greatest moment of my life.  We have recorded many different people from different races, religions, cultures and economic status throughout our journey, and Bob Marley always finds a way to connect them all.

You can pick up Putumayo’s Tribute to a Reggae Legend in our stores now. Add your voice to the Marley chorus: tell us the name of your favorite Bob Marley song (we'd love to hear why it's your fave too) in the comments below, and we’ll select a random winner to receive a five CD Putumayo Reggae collection. Enter your comment by July 28th!

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