Try the Trend: Dutch Baby Pancakes

Meet the Dutch baby pancake: a pancake-crêpe-popover hybrid that is a match for lots of sweet and savory toppings and is large enough to share.

Chocolate Dutch baby pancake


Credit: @theoliveandmango
A  Dutch baby pancake is a pancake-crêpe-popover hybrid that is a match for lots of sweet and savory toppings and is large enough to share. Plus, it has a party trick — it puffs up in the oven though quickly fall once removed from the oven. Once cooked, choose from a myriad of toppings to really make it your own. Try powdered sugar, syrup, fruit preserves, lemon curd and big wedges of fresh lemon, cinnamon sugar, your favorite nut butter or seasonal fresh fruit like berries and mangoes.
Check out this basic Dutch baby recipe then pull inspiration from these six examples below. 
1. Chocolate
This cocoa-based Dutch baby from @theoliveandmango is topped with rich chocolate sauce and a strawberry sauce. It would also be a crowd-pleasing dessert after dinner or brunch. 

Lemon & Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake

Credit: @thetravelingspoonchef
2. Lemon & Blueberry
The fruit-filled Dutch baby by @thetravelingspoonchef takes a classic dessert pairing — sweet and tart — and creates something that would be celebrated during breakfast too. 

Spring Onion Dutch Baby Pancake

Credit: @rhubarbariansblog
3. Spring Onion
You had us at goat cheese. Who says Dutch baby pancakes need to be sweet? This version with spring onions, herbs and goat cheese, would be a perfect star on a weekend brunch table. 

Lemon Ricotta & Tomato Dutch Baby

Credit: @dianemorrisey
4. Lemon Ricotta & Tomatoes
This take on a savory Dutch baby pancake is one to save for summer’s highly prized tomatoes. Enjoy more flavor in every bite by adding fresh herbs into the batter, then top with tangy lemon ricotta and sliced tomatoes. This is a pancake you can enjoy for any meal. 

Chai-spiced Dutch Baby Pancake

Credit: @paulajroy
5. Chai-spiced
Tea lovers will rejoice in the sweet, aromatic spice mixture in this custardy Dutch baby pancake. Bonus: It can be mixed up the evening before and just given a quick whisk in the morning before baking.

Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

Credit: @ashmmccormick
6. Apple
Ever wish you could have apple pie for breakfast? This Dutch baby packed with sliced apples and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar will satisfy that pie craving in the morning hours. Blogger Ashley McCormick also has recipes for lemon and berry compote versions

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