Twitter Chat: Holiday Indulgences

What do the words “holiday indulgences” conjure for you? My mind goes to decadent baked goods glistening with glaze and also to weekends spent lazing around in my pajamas, totally ignoring all to-do lists. Whatever holiday indulgence means to you, this is certainly the season to embrace it. On Thursday, December 22nd at 6pm CST our weekly twitter chat will be all about holiday indulgence — whatever it means to you. Join us to dish about:

  • Decadent holiday dessert recipes

  • De-stressing from the busy year

  • Practicing new and old traditions

  • Taking time for yourself

  • The benefits of holiday music, movies and more

Just pop onto and search for the hashtag #WFMdish opens in a new tab to see what we’re dishing about. Need a refresher on how this works? Check out our #WFMdish FAQs opens in a new tab for details on how to get set up on Twitter and start dishing with the us. We’ll have new topics every week so there’ll always be something interesting to discuss with us and other “Dish” participants. If there’s something you want to make sure we discuss on this week’s Dish, leave a comment below. We may not be able to get to all the topics suggested but we’ll sure try our best!

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