Two New Reasons to Love Sweet Potatoes

365 Everyday Value Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries

Did you know that the sweet potato is not actually a potato? While they are distantly related, potatoes are tubers and sweet potatoes are roots. In addition to the name, the sweet potato is a study in contrasts. Its bumpy, rough skin wraps around a surprisingly sweet interior. That beautiful orange color? It’s from beta carotene, an excellent source of vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are loaded with it. They also provide vitamin C and iron. Eat the skin and you get some good dietary fiber in too!

We have loads of sweet potato recipes on our website opens in a new tab. But if you want a really convenient, no-excuse way to sneak these nutritional all stars into your diet or better yet, get your kids to eat them, then keep some bags of 365 Everyday Value® Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries and 365 Everyday Value® Sweet Potato Puffs in your freezer. They’re great for a super-quick dinner side dish, a little extra crunch to go along with a lunchtime sandwich or even serve them up for guests at a game-watching get together.

365 Everyday Value Sweet Potato Puffs

The 365 Everyday Value® Crinkle Cut Fries have a great texture, especially for dipping, because they capture whatever sauce you are using. The 365 Everyday Value® Sweet Potato Puffs are a crunchy, fun new spin on the classic tot.Because the sweet potato is so flavorful the fries and tots are delicious on their own. But if you must dip, try some of these savory and spicy alternatives to ketchup that complement the sweetness of the sweet potato: yellow mustard, barbecue sauce, balsamic vinaigrette and fiery sriracha.

Have you tried sweet potato fries? What’s your favorite sauce to dip them in?

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