Unique Local Products

The goal of the Local Producer Loan Program opens in a new tab is to find and support unique, local products. We’ve definitely hit the mark on “unique” with Soy-Sen-Zay Edamame Dips. I love edamame as an appetizer at a sushi bar, or in a salad, but I’m quite sure I’ve never eaten edamame in a dip….until now! Our most recent Local Producer Loan recipient, family owned and operated Soy-Sen-Zay opens in a new tab, is the world’s first company to create and sell all-natural Edamame dips. All the dips are made by hand in small batches every week. The dips have a creamy texture, deliver a wonderful flavor and pack a nutritional punch. Not to mention they are vegan and contain no artificial preservatives!

Soy-Sen-Zay Edamame Dip comes in six flavors: Original, Cucumber, Garlic, Spicy Asian Pepper, Ginger Wasabi and Spicy Garlic. At this time, Soy-Sen-Zay’s product are available in our Colorado and Kansas City stores. However, with the proceeds from their Local Producer Loan from Whole Foods Market, they are purchasing equipment that will allow them to produce more product and grow into other areas of the country. We can’t wait!

RawONE is another unique Local Producer Loan recipient. Located in Hollywood, Florida, RawONE’s chef-owners create delicious organic, 100% raw handmade snacks and granolas using only the best ingredients available. Their mission is to provide minimally processed, nutrient-dense snacks that are a pleasure to enjoy.

When this husband and wife team began eating a raw diet, they realized there was a need for delicious, portable raw snacks. They went straight to the kitchen to create treats such as raw biscotti, flax crackers and grawnola for themselves and their friends. They were soon selling at their local farmer’s market, which is where they were first introduced to Whole Foods Market. We were immediately wowed by their passion for raw foods which comes through in each item they create! RawONE opens in a new tab products are currently available in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. They are using the proceeds of their loan to expand their new line of truffles which, as you can imagine, are in high demand!

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