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Voices from Garifuna

Voices from Garifuna

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I was so excited when Whole Planet Foundation asked me to edit videos that were shot in Nicaragua and Honduras. I spent two years in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer, so as I watched the raw footage, I immediately thought of people and places that will always be near and dear to me. I could tell so many stories about people I met and places I’ve seen, but the tone of those stories would not be one of sadness or hardship. The stories, much like those of the Whole Planet Foundation borrowers, would be about people who are gregarious, generous and proud. The stories that we are sharing with you are stories that are all too common in Central America. It’s a wonder that many of these countries still exist given that they have faced so much adversity in the recent past, between civil wars and natural disasters. Maybe even more incredible is the resiliency of the people and their determination to achieve a better future through hard work and perseverance.

Marc is a multimedia consultant for the Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Foods Market. He started working with Whole Foods, in both still photography and video, while finishing his MA in photojournalism at The University of Texas. When he was in school, Marc worked as a photojournalist for publications in Santiago, Chile and South Florida. A native of Denver, Colorado, he spent two years in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer. He lived in the town of Río Blanco and worked in the Cerro Musún Nature Reserve. And, in what seems to be another lifetime, Marc worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project/marketing manager in the web development and video game industries. He earned his BS in business administration at Marquette University. When he’s not working, Marc likes to run and otherwise be outside.

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