Wallet-Friendly Fun with Summer Foods

Beyond s’mores: discover kid-friendly food fun that won’t cause summer budget meltdown. Our Value Guru shares a (potato) sack full of ideas for fun and games.

Summer fun for kids doesn’t have to involve a costly theme park or pockets full of tokens. In the latest issue of The Whole Deal opens in a new tabvalue guide opens in a new tab, we’ve got lots of ideas for a summer o’ savings including some good old-fashioned, food-fun ideas that will make your kids and your wallet happy.So don’t stop at melting marshmallows in the campfire; go ahead, let the kids play with their food. Here’s how:

  • Watermelon seed spitting contest – the one time it’s okay to spit!

  • Potato sack races – old pillow cases work for kids’ little legs as they race to the finish line.

  • Corn toss – tie un-popped popcorn into tube socks for tossing into pots and pans.

  • Pie walk – like a cake walk or musical chairs; great for neighborhood potluck parties and the winner gets the pie!

  • Growing fun – plant radish seeds or beans, and water daily. They both sprout quickly!

  • Dance party – crank up Blueberry Hill and dance the Mashed Potato or the Funky Chicken. Be sure to take photos or video.

  • Make smiles – kids decorate their own cupcakes with colorful berries.

For more food-related fun, check out our Earth-friendly projects featured during Earth Month, including:

What are your favorite food-fun activities? Let’s hear from you. Tag, you’re it!

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