A Warm Cup of Tea

As the weather gets colder, the thought of a warm cup of tea sounds pretty good to plenty of folks. Tea’s popularity has increased immensely in the last few years. It’s viewed as medicinal and therapeutic and many people have begun to make it part of their daily routine. However, tea still somewhat carries the stigma of a cold weather beverage. This is one of the reasons that at Whole Foods Market we look to launch new tea items when the weather turns brisk (we also launch new iced teas when the weather starts to warm up), so If you’re looking for some new teas to try, you’re in luck as we have some fantastic new ones available in our stores now.One of the fastest growing segments of the tea category is full leaf tea in pouches. This allows some of the most flavorful, high quality, full leaf tea to be steeped in such a way so as to release the full potential of the precious leaves. This is the quick and convenient alternative to loose leaf tea which, before the tea pouch, was considered the only way to get the highest quality tea experience.One of the most popular brands in this segment is Mighty Leaf Tea opens in a new tab. They are one of the pioneers of the whole leaf tea in a brewing pouches as opposed to tea bags and they don’t use staples or glue to hold them together. They created their silken brewing pouch in 1996 and it has steadily gained popularity since. The two newest editions to the Mighty Leaf line are Organic Detox Infusion and Organic Green Dragon. The Organic Detox is an herbal tea made up of peppermint, dandelion root, licorice root, burdock root and basil. Each ingredient serves a particular purpose from acting as a diuretic to helping digestion. The Organic Green Dragon is a special variety of green tea known as Lung Ching and also as Dragonwell. The tea leaves are wok-fired so it imparts a smoky flavor and aroma. The taste has notes of chestnut and has a slightly sweet finish.Whether you’re looking for an herbal tea or a new twist on the old favorite green tea, these new Mighty Leaf teas might be just the thing to stimulate your senses and warm you up this winter.

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