Watch: One Family's Biodynamic Dream

David and Victoria Byrnes founded Yellow Barn Biodynamic because they wanted to try to provide the purest food for their children. On their Biodynamic farm, they both aim to work in harmony with the land and rely on natural resources to make it produce more and better. The result is more than just beautiful produce, it’s chance for their family to make a profound connection to the planet.

Yellow Barn Biodynamic

Yellow Barn Biodynamic Farm

When Victoria Byrnes prepares to spray fields on her family’s Biodynamic farm, her handheld sprayer isn’t filled with ingredients you might expect.

Like the National Organic Program standards, Biodynamic standards opens in a new tab prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. But the Biodynamic approach isn’t focused on prohibitions. Instead, Biodynamic farmers focus on nurturing a farm’s natural resources and continually reducing imported materials.

“I think the simplest description of Biodynamic is to work in harmony with the land, to create the balance that the land wants and to try to find out what the land is naturally producing that you can add attention and energy to and make it produce more and better,” says Victoria’s husband, David Byrnes.

Hence the mixture that Victoria sprays on her crops. Known as a “preparation” in the world of Biodynamic farming, Victoria’s concoction is made with yarrow, chamomile, oak bark and other materials found on or grown right on their farm.

“It basically helps bring in things that might be deficient, and it helps stimulate and grow the soil,” she explains. “It’s a wonderful way to not have to use a chemical. It’s a wonderful natural remedy.”

David and Victoria founded Yellow Barn Biodynamic because they wanted to “try to provide the purest food” for their children. Check out the video below to see how they’re living those values on the farm.

The number of Biodynamic products available in the U.S. is small but growing. Look for the certification label on fresh produce, pasta, rice, wine, and, of course, Yellow Barn Biodynamic Pasta Sauces.

We can’t all start Biodynamic farms, but we can all help nurture a healthier planet in ways big and small. How do you put your values into action in the food choices you make?

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