What's New: March to a Different Drummer

You’ll kick up your heels when you try these exclusive new products. So, march on over to your nearest Whole Foods Market and give them a try.

Hup, two, three, four…we’ve got some great new products and more.Such innovation can’t be beat, and all our quality standards opens in a new tabthey meet.Stop on by and step through our doors, because you’ll only find these items in our stores.

Naked 32 oz Pure Coconut Water

  • 100% pure coconut water from Brazil—no added sugar or preservatives

  • Coconut water is nature’s hydration solution, delivering vitamins, minerals, potassium and other electrolytes to your body

  • Can’t get enough coconut water? Keep this new larger size on hand

EVOL Flatbread Pizza

  • Like all EVOL products, these are made with fresh ingredients, including meats and cheese from animals raised without antibiotics and added growth hormones (rBST)

  • The perfect little pizza for a quick meal or entertaining party bites

  • Choose from BBQ Chicken & Mozzarella; Italian Sausage & Caramelized Onion; Portabella, Pesto & Goat Cheese; and Grilled Chicken & Roasted Veggies

Zevia Natural Diet Soda

  • Zero calorie soda sweetened with stevia

  • Stevia is an herb native to South America that’s sweeter than sugar but has no calories and no effect on blood sugar levels

  • Try these flavors, only available at Whole Foods Market: Caffeine-Free Cola, Cream Soda, Grape, Grapefruit and Mountain Z

What new products put a spring in your step? Feel free to share a silly rhyme in the comments below.

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