What's Your Christmas Wish?


Merry Christmas! When my daughter was younger, we watched an animated Christmas movie called Annabelle’s Wish opens in a new tab where a calf on a farm wishes to become a reindeer and fly with Santa. She also befriends the farmer’s grandson who suffers from muteness. Together, they learn about friendship and that with faith and a willingness to overcome great odds, anybody can achieve their dreams. I remember the film fondly but my daughter, now almost 13, won’t watch it with me this year. Spoiler alert: it takes many years, but eventually Annabelle’s wish comes true.While it may sound a bit sappy, personally I wish for peaceful coexistence in our world. I learned from Annabelle that it can take years for wishes to come true, and life can be rich and meaningful in the meantime.What Christmas wish do you have?

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