The Whole Deal™ on "Frugal Fun"


We often get stuck in our own ruts without realizing.  We buy the same grocery items week after week, make the same dishes again and again and wonder why we get bored with eating at home.  This week, we challenge you to look at your leftovers through new eyes and see if you can put a new spin on what you've already got in your fridge.Our pick for The Whole Deal™ tip of the week comes from Ann B. who offers up a creative solution for leftover produce and lunchbox staples:

At the end of the week on fridays we have pizza and smoothies. This is a great way to use up any veggies I have left over in small amounts…3 mushroom, 10 cherry tomatoes, and half an onion may have been a boring salad but make a very exciting pizza! I can even save time buy buying a whole foods pizza crust! For the smoothies I use any yogurt that did not get used in the lunch box along with any left over bananas, strawberries, and that last sip of juice. The kids think it is a friday feast and I just smile and know I turned frugal fun!

What do you do with your 'random' leftovers?  Post ideas on The Whole Deal™ opens in a new tab for a chance to be an upcoming featured tip!

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