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The whirlwind of the holidays (and my own post holidays travel schedule) have finally settled and in its wake, I find a messy house in desperate need of a good deep clean.  Pots and pans in my sink, spots on all my mirrors and a sadly neglected wall-to-wall carpet are all weighing on my mind.  Yet, somehow, I'm still using the excuse of an empty cleaning supplies drawer as an excuse to not take on these tasks.  Thankfully, our wonderful customers and their helpful tips are giving me a bit of a kick start - vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils?  I have all those hanging around in my kitchen and bathroom and what better way to get clean than the natural way?Remember, each week, we choose customer tips to be featured in our weekly The Whole Deal™ blog post. Every chosen tip gets a $25 gift card, so submit your tips and recipes here opens in a new tabPlease note that this weekly giveaway will be ending at the end of this month on January 29th, so get your tips in soon!From Holly:

here are just a few handy helpful hints: lemon juice removes stains from clothes as does the sun. salt works as a lovely scrubber when cleaning. vinegar and water can clean almost anything. baking soda is a great cleaner and deodorizer. adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water will do wonders for linoleum floors. plus, your home will smell wonderful and your pocket book will thank you. also, my beautician told me, do not wash your hair everyday, washing will ruin it. wash every other day. anytime you can use cloth products as opposed to paper, please do.

From Lori:

For enviro-friendly people like me who also like to save a little money, I have just discovered the power of one of the most basic baking ingredients, baking soda. As a cleaner, it is non-toxic and even more effective than most of the toxic name brands. I use it for polishing silver, cleaning soap scum from the shower floor, cleaning out pots and pans, taking out carpet stains, freshening up the carpet and dog beds, and I’m sure there are countless other uses. During my weekly shopping trip to Whole Foods, I pick up a box and use it to my hearts content because it is non-toxic, refreshing, and inexpensive!

From Larry:

Conventional cleaning supplies are not only bad for the environment, they are also bad for your health. As an added incentive you can save money by making your own natural cleaners. Mix 2 tbsp of white vinegar in a gallon of water with your favorite scented oils (soften the smell of the vinegar). Pour into a spray bottle and you have a all natural window cleaner.

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