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Keeping Meat on the Menu with Great Value Tips by The Meat Guy

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When figuring out ways to save money on grocery bills, many people turn to cutting out items such as meat all together.  Others turn to lower quality alternatives to get their fix - but there's another way, with a little smart buying and some help from our expert team members, you can find value and quality in our Meat Department!“Shopping for value meat cuts, buying family packs and consulting Whole Foods Market’s in-house butchers are easy, wallet-smart strategies to keep meat on the menu, despite the nation’s rising food costs,” says Theo Weening, global meat coordinator for Whole Foods Market.Check out this awesome video opens in a new tab featuring Theo with Russell Stockstill, the head butcher of our Austin-Lamar store.And enjoy this week's customer tips from The Whole Deal opens in a new tab™!Landon

I started saving a lot when using pressure cooker. Cheaper cuts of meat get tender quickly, you save money on energy bill and time. Pressure cooker not only help makes better tasting meats, you can quickly prepare dried beans, meat sauce, brown rice in no time.

Jeff K

I am so thrilled that Whole Foods has finally come near me in South Miami Florida. One of the best money saving tips is to talk to the butchers. Whole Foods has wonderful cuts of meat, but they are way too big for me and my family members. Rather than get one or two thick large steaks and split them after cooking. You can get the butchers to cut up some wonderful steaks in almost any thickness and size.


It’s expensive to serve steak to an entire steak-loving family. So, to keep costs down but the yummy factor up, I go to the meat counter. I choose the largest piece of skirt/flank steak I can find, and then ask the butcher to cut it into four equal pieces. I buy one of the delicious marinades Whole Foods always features at the meat counter. I bring them home, marinade them and throw them on the barbecue or broil them for the entire family. Skirt steak is delicious, it’s tender, it’s always flavorful and much cheaper than buying individual rib eyes and it’s still a steak dinner with your favorite veggie side! I figure I am savings thousands of dollars over a year’s time! Tip: Choose different marinades and it’s a “new” dinner everytime.

What are your tips for keeping meat in your meals without sacrificing quality?  Please post them on The Whole Deal opens in a new tab™!

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