The Whole Deal's Meals for Four



Are you one of those people who get so distracted by the great coupons in The Whole Deal value guide that you forget to read the rest of it? Well then you are missing out on a whole lot of hot value and meal planning tips. We've got lots of ideas to help make your life just a bit easier. For example, our meal planner for four (or more, more or less) gives you a week's worth of meal ideas and recipes designed to save you money, save you time and save your sanity. Now that's value! Take a look:MONDAY: Veggie Monday Try our Cashew Noodles with Broccoli and Tofu opens in a new tab recipe and you'll have a new family favorite. TUESDAY: Slow Cooker Hoisin Beef Stew opens in a new tabStart this budget recipe in the morning, substituting pork or bison for the beef, if you wish. Just before supper simply heat our frozen Jasmine rice (it's a Sure Deal opens in a new tab!).WEDNESDAY: Mid-Week EasySet out all the raw veggie fixings for each person to create and enjoy their own personalized big, beautiful salad with favorite pizzas from the frozen aisle.THURSDAY: 2010 Comfort Food


Quickly cook BBQ beans and sausage by sautéing a package of sliced sausage (you'll find a coupon in the in-store value guide) with chopped onion. Add lots of beans and a splash of BBQ sauce. Serve with our recipe for Sautéed Greens with Garlic opens in a new tab.FRIDAY: Oven Crispy Fish opens in a new tabEasily prepare this healthier version of fish & chips using our responsibly farmed tilapia. Serve with carrot raisin slaw and oven fries.WEEKEND: Fruitful Family BreakfastMake banana bread using whole wheat flour (another Sure Deal opens in a new tab!) and organic or Whole Trade™ bananas. Spread with cream cheese mixed with chopped organic navel oranges. Serve with organic gala apple slices.We'll share ideas for Meals for One and Meals for Two in future blog posts, but remember you can get all of this good stuff in The Whole Deal opens in a new tab value guide, along with simple recipes, money-saving tips, Sure Deals and coupons.So, what family meal is part of your weeknight plan?

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