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Okay, I can be wrong. A couple of months ago someone asked me, “Do you really think you are going to gain new customers with all of this value and Whole Deal stuff? Who is going to think that Whole Foods is a dollar store?” Of course no one is going to confuse us with a dollar store and, believe me, that’s never been the goal. It’s about helping people who understand the importance of natural and organic foods learn how to keep quality as part of their shopping picture. And truth be told…no, I didn’t we would gain new customers.But I was wrong. Gladly so! Check out these Whole Deal opens in a new tab™ tips from NEW Whole Foods Market shoppers. Read more tips from customers – new and old – on The Whole Deal opens in a new tab™.From Sarah N:

Now that I have my own apartment I just started shopping at Whole Foods and I love it. In order to save money (I am on a college student’s budget) I stock up on the 365 brand products. From sauces to bath products this brand is inexpensive while still giving me the “feel good” feeling of eating organic foods.I also take advantage of the free food samples in the store. This way I know for sure if I want to buy that particular product.

From Jill H.:

I had heard most of my friends in California refer to WFM as “Whole Paycheck.” Consequently, I avoided WFM for years… until, now! I was visiting with my in-laws over the weekend in San Antonio and my sister-in-law sang the praises of the Austin based store that she loved growing up (in Austin). She cooked the most fabulous foods all weekend with ingredients exclusively from WFM. As a pregnant woman, I knew I had to make the switch (or at least, try it out). Now, I am in love. I will admit that I feel a bit guilty for not shopping 100% organic for the past 19 weeks of my pregnancy… but full steam ahead now! WFM makes organic shopping so easy and inexpensive. The bulk containers are the best bet for yummy, healthy ingredients. The best part is that I am able to take care of my inside and outside in one location with a huge inventory. Truly outstanding!

From Helen:

I was never much of a shopper at Whole Foods. I thought the prices seemed high, even though the produce and meat looked really, really good. What changed my mind? Reading these postings. I never knew that WF honored other coupons . . . didn’t know that buying meat in bulk could save you 10% . . . or that the 365 house brands really tasted good. What a great idea to have these postings so that people could share their experiences. Now I go into the WF stores with lots of great ideas - thanks!

From Shannon:

Okay, I have been reading Whole Deal for a while and finally decided to check out the bulk bins at my neighborhood WF store. I just needed some cornmeal for my catfish dinner tonight so I scooped up about 2 C. Then I saw some raw pumpkin seeds and decided to get a little bit of that for a healthy snack. Then I picked up a jar of 365 Crunchy Peanut Butter. My bill totaled $2.38 (.17 for the cornmeal, .28 for my healthy snack, and 1.99 for the delicious all natural peanut butter). I’m quite impressed!

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