Why I’m Thankful for Broth

Deeply rich flavorful broth is a foundation for delicious soups, stews, sauces and stuffings. Learn how to make it and our favorite ways to use it.

Golden Chicken Broth

Golden Chicken BrothHave you noticed how the rich aroma and deeply satisfying flavor of delicious soup or a great sauce seems to nourish the soul? No wonder Georges Auguste Escoffier, the famed French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer declared that “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking. Without it, nothing can be done.” Having grown up on my grandmother’s amazing soups and gravies made from homemade broth, I never doubted it! If you’ve never made broth (also known as stock), Golden Chicken Broth opens in a new tab is a simple recipe to get you started.

Mushroom and Leek Pot Pies
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Good quality rich broth is made by slowly simmering the bones and meat of animals or fish with vegetables, or simply by simmering flavorful vegetables alone. Slow simmering helps extract the deep flavor and valuable nutrients from the marrow, bones and vegetables. This nourishing flavor is what the Japanese have long-called umami, a somewhat difficult-to-describe, savory flavor experience.

Freezing homemade (or unused store-bought) broth in muffin tins makes it easy to keep in small amounts. Once frozen, remove portions out of the tin and store them in resealable bags opens in a new tab in your freezer.

Easy Mushroom Broth
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Although nothing beats homemade broth, I always have extra vegetable, chicken and beef broth ready for quick meals in my pantry. Here are my favorite uses for broth along wit some great recipes:

Do you make your own broth? If so, do you slow simmer it on a stovetop or use a slow cooker? I’d love to know. 

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