Wicked Healthy: Your Favorite Foods Get a Plant-Based Makeover

Updated August 17, 2016

Updated August 17, 2016

Derek Sarno is the co-founder of Wicked Healthy, a website that aims to get people to “eat more friggin' vegetables,” and former Global Executive Chef for Whole Foods Market. Derek's philosophy? Shoot for 80% healthy, 20% wicked and you'll be 100% sexy. His Wicked Healthy YouTube series puts a plant-based spin on everyday favorites.  


There are no rules when it comes to Wicked Healthy style noodles! They’re simple to prepare and offer the perfect vehicle for fresh flavors of all kinds. In this episode we’re working with some unique items like Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars, and we highlight ways to work with vegetables to incorporate flavors from grilling.

In this episode we’re swapping out the common bean found in most tacos for a sexy chocolate caviar lentil chili to spice it up sweetly. Pro trick: The humble cucumber can double as a taco stand. 

Using Maitake mushrooms (a.k.a. hen of the woods), creamy whipped smoky potatoes, greens and a local hot sauce, this combo puts the "winner” in dinner. Learn the how to make this fried "chicken" and impress even the toughest critics at your table. 

American Classic Fast Food … done right and made from plants? It’s not only possible, but our wicked healthy versions opens in a new tab are even better than the originals. (We even used some of our plant-pushing friends' products — Follow Your Heart, Field Roast, Beyond Meat, Gardein and Ninja Squirrel Sriracha.)

Before you throw last night's leftovers away, you have to ask yourself if you’re ready to play the game of “What else can we do with this?" In our last episode of the season, we take parts of dishes we’ve made in all the previous episodes and recreate them into hip, exciting, new grub — Adult Rated PB&JJ opens in a new tab, Salted Cofee Dirt-Roasted Carrots opens in a new tab, Savory Grilled Cheese and "Stuff" Sandwiches opens in a new tab

For more recipes and tips check out WickedHealthyFood.com opens in a new tab or Whole Foods Market's YouTube channel. opens in a new tab

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