Widen Your World With White Beans

From authentic French cassoulets to classic baked beans and chili blanco, white beans are popular in many cuisines. Add some of these white bean recipes to your fall menu.

I remember the first time I ate authentic French food. I ordered a cassoulet and savored every bite of those flavorful little white beans, dozens of them, all perfectly nestled among chicken, sausages, vegetables, wine, tomatoes and herbs. If reincarnation was real, I wanted to come back French!For this lifetime, though, I can at least cook all kinds of white beans myself, like navy beans, Cannellini beans (a relative of the kidney bean), lima beans, Great Northern beans and, of course, flageolets, the star of cassoulets.Adding white beans to your menu plan adds good nutrition, versatility and ease. While cooking your own beans is always a noble option, for many people, time is of the essence! There are plenty of varieties of canned white beans available that don’t contain added preservatives and chemicals, Many are low in sodium and you’ll find organic varieties too. While popular in soups, white beans are just as delicious in spreads, dips, chili dishes, pasta and baked beans.Here are some fun ideas to widen your world with white beans:

For more information, check out our Guide to Beans opens in a new tab.  White beans are my very favorite! What about you? Got a winning white bean recipe? I’d love to know.

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