Wild-Caught Salmon

Grill, broil, roast or bake - but don’t overcook! Here are 13 ways to serve up wild-caught salmon at home.

Easy Matzo-Crusted Wild Salmon

Of all the delicious fish out there, my absolute favorite is wild-caught salmon. It all started in 1996 at a restaurant near Mt. Denali in Alaska. I ordered the King Salmon, and to tell you the truth, I left my heart at that little restaurant! I also learned a whole lot of ways to incorporate wild-caught salmon into my menu plans at home.There are several species of Pacific wild-caught salmon including King Salmon which is sometimes called Chinook, Coho Salmon, also called Silver Salmon, Pink (or Humpback) Salmon (used mostly for canning), Sockeye Salmon, also known as Red Salmon, and Copper River Salmon, which could be Coho, Sockeye or King. 

For seasoning, you can simply sprinkle wild salmon with salt, pepper and other herbs and seasonings, then brush with olive oil or melted butter if desired. Drizzle with lemon, lime or orange juice. Make it colorful by laying slices of citrus fruit over the salmon before cooking. While cooking, baste the salmon with a favorite sauce, if desired, but remember, marinating is not necessary and acidic marinades will begin the cooking process, so half-hour is the maximum amount of time to marinate. Here are some ideas and recipes:

Do you have a favorite recipe for wild-caught salmon? Let me know. 

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