Win a Care Package for Your Pet


Congratulations to JJ and Adrienne for winning their respective cat and dog each a fantastic care package! And thanks to all of you who submitted a response; you gave us lots of ideas for our own pampered pooches and crafty kitties. Does your dog or cat have a favorite treat? We want to know what it is! Carrots, apples, liverwurst…whatever it is, we want to hear about it. We’re giving away two care packages of healthy treats — one to a randomly selected dog owner and the other to a randomly selected cat owner — just enter your pet’s favorite healthy treat as a comment below by July 21st! What’s that…your pet’s favorites aren’t healthy? Well, we won’t disqualify you. Your pet may need the care package more than others! Tell us what treats they eat now, healthy or not.A little over a year ago, I got a puppy. The week before I picked him up, I researched training treats like crazy. I wanted to make sure he started his life off healthy (and obediently) with treats that were free of byproducts and artificial stuff opens in a new tab. Once I got him home, I discovered that not only did he LOVE the treats I’d settled on, but he also LOVED frozen broccoli florets. Nothing beats a refreshing frozen broccoli floret on a hot summer day!What’s your pet’s favorite healthy treat? Enter your comment below by July 21 and you just might win a care package for your pet.Note: The winning pet care packages will be created with an array of these products opens in a new tab.

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