Win a Case of Organic Kosher Chicken Broth

Organic Kosher Chicken Broth is the perfect starter for winter warming dishes. Try it in these tasty recipes and enter to win a case.

When it turns chilly outside, my go-to favorites are comforting one-pot dishes that are easy to prepare, can sit on the stove cooking without a lot of attention and also fill the house with a delicious aroma. Chicken is one of my favorite choices for winter warmers, whether I’m cooking up a big pot of soup, a yummy jambalaya or chicken and dumplings.

Although I occasionally enjoy cooking projects that take hours, I don’t always have the time so I’ve found a few shortcuts. One of the best: using a high-quality chicken broth that not only adds tremendous flavor but also allows me to use pieces (such as chicken breasts) rather than a whole chicken. Read on to learn how you could win a case of organic kosher chicken broth!One of our featured new products introduced this past fall was Pacific Natural Foods Organic Kosher Chicken Broth. I gave it a try and it’s delicious — the perfect starting point for flavorful recipes. It’s made with organic chicken and organic vegetables, including onion, celery and carrots – just like you would make if you had the time. Our grocery experts worked with Pacific Natural to develop this great broth exclusively for our stores – you won’t find it anywhere else. Oh, and it’s gluten-free if that’s a concern for you.

Since I’m not Jewish, I wasn’t up to speed on what it means for the broth to be kosher. Pacific Natural Foods says, “Our Organic Kosher Chicken Broth is made from grain-fed chickens, raised without hormones or antibiotics in an environment where they can roam freely, and processed according to strict kosher standards.” That sounds good to me. But what are kosher standards? Well, Jewish dietary laws require foods to meet a number of requirements to be called kosher. One of the more well-known rules (to laymen, that is!) is that meat and dairy cannot be mixed. To be labeled as Kosher, third-party auditors inspect food manufacturing facilities to ensure that these rules are being followed. I also read this article in opens in a new tabThe opens in a new tabNew York Times opens in a new tab about the growing interest in kosher products not for religious reasons but for flavor and quality.

There’s nothing quicker and easier than using ready-to-go chicken broth as a quick soup base to which you can add pre-made tortellini, egg noodles or a variety of canned beans for a fast, flavorful and warming soup. And, of course, there are those one-pot favorites I mentioned before:

These recipes will help take the chill out of winter in a delicious way. Ready to get cooking? You could win a whole case of Pacific Natural Foods Organic Kosher Chicken Broth to help warm you up and make dinner easy. Just enter a comment on this post by February 1st letting us know what you’d cook with this great chicken broth and one lucky commenter will be chosen at random to win.

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