Winning Recipes for Big Game Parties



The Big Game is coming up on February 7. Whether you're rooting for the Colts or the Saints, you need to have a solid game plan for your game-watching menu. >Here are some ideas to get you started:

Dips and Spreads


Edamame Guacamole opens in a new tab - My current fave! Made with avocado and edamame, this guacamole variation is both creamy and fresh. Eight Layer Mediterranean Dip opens in a new tabHomemade Hummus opens in a new tabPita Chips with Sweet Potato Mash opens in a new tabCheck out more dips opens in a new tab and spreads opens in a new tab.

Hot Appetizers

Herb Roasted Sweet Potato Skins opens in a new tab - A fun and tasty cross between French fries and potato skins. Very easy to prepare too.


Roll Your Own Burritos opens in a new tab - Serving some heartier fare? These do-it-yourself burritos will keep you in front of the TV, not toiling in the kitchen.Shortcut Sloppy Joes opens in a new tabTouchdown Turkey Chili opens in a new tabWhite Bean and Kale Soup with Chicken Sausage opens in a new tabCheck out more chilis opens in a new tab, soups and stews opens in a new tab.

Sweet Small Bites

Flourless Brownies opens in a new tab - Make sure to bake extras and wait until they've been devoured before revealing the secret ingredient.


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