You Don't Want Turkey?!



How many of you have heard that on Thanksgiving Day? Not eating turkey on "Turkey Day" seems downright sacrilegious to some! Whether you prefer a vegetarian diet, simply don't like turkey or are cooking for a few and don't need a big bird, there are many delicious options for your Thanksgiving meal. Let's give thanks for the possibilities!The Wonder of the HarvestThanksgiving is a celebration of the fall harvest. Enjoy it fully with a range of plant-based entrées (along with some favorite sides opens in a new tab). Delicious!Baked Eggplant with Nutty Bulgur Stuffing opens in a new tabSavory Butternut Squash Pie with Hazelnuts opens in a new tabFrench Lentils in Puffed Pastry opens in a new tabWild Mushroom Tart opens in a new tabSeafood for the Holidays


Did you know the pilgrims ate shrimp and other seafood at the first Thanksgiving? They lived on the Eastern seaboard, you know. Happy Shrimpsgiving opens in a new tab!

Poultry That's Not TurkeyWhen you are cooking for one, two or three, a large turkey can be more than you need. Roasting a turkey breast instead of a whole bird is one option, and here are some other poultry-based special entrée recipes:

Pretend TurkeyTofurkey is the vegetarian holiday staple. You'll find it in the freezer isle in small and large sizes, and also in a meal kit that comes with dumplings, gravy, stuffing and even a veggie wishbone. Steaming Tofurkey makes it more tender, and baking in a bag seals in the juices. Also, frozen Quorn roast is a fast, affordable vegetarian entrée. For smaller portions, the Quorn tenders or cutlets are perfect.Holiday Ham (and Pork)With a large gathering, ham often heads the table right alongside a big turkey. Choose what you prefer or have some of both... we won't tell.


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