Your One-Stop Shop for Passover

From Seder staples to less traditional (but no less important kosher finds), we work closely with our vendor partners to develop delicious kosher products that meet our strict quality standards meaning they’re free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

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Brisket and kugel and cake, oh my! Passover is a holiday rooted in the celebration of history and tradition – and great food. Whether your menu barely strays from the classics or you tend to put a twist on tradition, we can help.

Our grocery buyers work closely with our vendor partners to develop delicious kosher products that meet our strict quality standards opens in a new tab, which includes no hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Here’s a preview of the kosher for Passover products our stores are carrying this holiday.

Kedem Organic Biodynamic® Grape Juice

Organic Grape Juice

Raise a glass to these offerings: Kedem Organic Biodynamic® Grape Juice or Avvio Organic Grape Juice (made with 100% Concord grape juice).

Matzoh (or Matzo)

With a variety of choices when selecting which matzoh to serve for Passover, we’re enjoying Streit’s slightly sweet Egg Matzos, their Matzo for Passover and Matzo Ball Mix.

Or go organic and reach for Yehuda Organic Whole Wheat Matzo from Israel. And Aviv, a more than 125-year-old traditional matzoh producer also in Israel, offers an abundance of organic matzoh options including whole wheat matzos, whole wheat matzo meal, whole wheat matzo farfel flakes, mini whole wheat matzos, whole spelt matzo and whole wheat cake meal.

Meaty Mains

Look for delicious poultry options, like fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens, as well as freshly ground chicken and turkey selections, from top brands like Kosher Valley.

Kedem Gefilte Fish

Gefilte Fish

We’ve got you covered there too with Kedem Gefilte Fish, which is made with tilapia.


Dairy-free Fox’s U-bet Natural Dark Chocolate Syrup is the first ever fair-trade chocolate syrup and kosher for Passover. Try it in a milkshake or chocolate milk.

Harrison’s Sweet Shoppe Bittersweet Chocolate Chips are 60% cacao, fair trade and tasty!


Harrison's Original Sweet Shoppe’s non-dairy treats are a favorite among kids of all ages. Look for their Jelly Rings (chocolate covered raspberry jelly rings), Fruity SlicesFruity Smiles and Marshmallow Twists.

Glicks Finest Macaroons


Satisfy your sweet tooth with Glicks Finest Macaroons in Chocolate, Vanilla, Choc-Chip, Almond and Coconut.

And That’s Not All…

Still hungry? Check out these additional kosher for Passover offerings. Nancy's Organic Yogurt is an organic probiotic yogurt. Choose from plain, unsweetened, whole fat milk and non-fat varieties.

Rick’s Picks Passover Pickles are kosher for Passover dill pickles and they’re delicious!

Aviv Fruit & Nut Bars are vegan, dairy free and come in packs of four. Choose from Cinnamon & Spice, Cacao or Cashew & Almond.

Our kosher selections vary between stores, so contact your local Whole Foods Market opens in a new tab to learn more about their specific selection — including catering.

What are your favorite tastes of the holiday? Share which dishes you’re anticipating the most this Passover in the comments below.

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