You're Invited! Cheese Nights: Celebrating Responsible Cheesemakers

We’re proud of the cheesemakers who are committed to doing great things for the earth. Come celebrate five of them with us at the next Cheese Nights.

Cheese Nights

More and more often these days, as I’m enjoying a bite of something I’ve just brought home from the market, I find myself wondering about how it was made and the impact of its production. I also find myself wanting to celebrate those responsible producers who have found a way to make something delicious with the earth in mind.

That’s the idea behind our next Cheese Nights (Tuesday, March 31, 6—7:30pm). From solar panels and plant-based products to innovations such as biodigesters and wood boilers, progressive cheesemakers are implementing some ingenious ideas to bring us some remarkable cheeses.

Join us on Tuesday and celebrate five of the best with us!

Wellspring Creamery

Goat Milk Brie

Experience: A mild, goat’s milk cheese with smooth texture and slight wood note from the rind.

Goes with: Crisp white wine, strawberries, cherry spread

The first goat cheese company in the US to use an anaerobic digester to produce electricity!


Rogue Creamery

Anniversary Blue

Experience: Aging for at least 90 days in caves results in a firm, briny cheese with notes of sweet cream and mellow, earthy blue veins throughout.

Goes with: Viognier, riesling, pinot noir, porter or stout beers, lamb burgers, beets, spring greens, toasted hazelnuts

Solar panels provide at least 45% of the energy needed to power the creamery’s production facility and offices.


Crave Brothers

Fresh Mozzarella

Experience: Milk from cows raised on the same property makes for incredibly fresh-tasting, creamy cheese.

Goes with: Cava, prosecco, roasted vegetables, fresh herbs, olives

A biodigester produces more power than these cheesemakers use at their farm and production facilities.


Isigny Sainte-Mère

Bonhomme de Normandie Brie

Experience: Rich, buttery flavor comes from the high-butterfat milk of cows that feed on the grassy hillsides of Normandy, France.

Goes with: Dried fruits, baguette, sautéed mushrooms, Marcona almonds

Renewable energy for production facilities and offices comes from a biomass wood boiler!


Kite Hill

Nut-Milk Cheese

Soft Fresh Original; Soft-Ripened; Ricotta; Soft Fresh Truffle, Dill & Chive

Experience: Traditional cheesemaking methods and aging processes turn nut milks into fresh cheeses with mild flavor and a pleasant hint of acidity.

Goes with: Champagne, fresh herbs, dried fruit

Made from non-dairy, plant-based ingredients.

Mark your calendars to come learn, taste and sample and celebrate these Responsible Cheesemakers at our next Cheese Nights on Tuesday, March 31st, 6:00 pm—7:30 pm. . It’s free! Contact your local store for event details opens in a new tab.

Do you know other stories of responsible cheesemaking? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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