5 Things Your Whole Foods Market Fishmonger Can Do For You

Get insider tips for shopping our Seafood department.

My passion for seafood comes from growing up in South Florida, a mecca for fresh fish and shellfish. I spent lots of summers deep sea fishing and diving for spiny lobsters. Now, as Senior Seafood Buyer for Whole Foods Market, I’m not only inspired by our industry-leading sourcing standards opens in a new tab, but also by our expert Seafood team members. They know their stuff and they are here to make your trip easier. Here are five ways our fishmongers can help you shop our Seafood department.

We can tell you where your fish is from.

We strive to be transparent on how seafood was caught or raised, where it came from (check out our signage) and how much care went into getting it to your table. We know which harvests farmed seafood came from, which days wild seafood was caught, where it was farmed or where in the ocean it was caught — in fact, someone from Whole Foods Market (myself included) has probably met one of the fishing boat captains or the farm manager who raised the seafood in your basket today!

We can prep your seafood for you.

We get it — you may not have time to debone your sustainable wild-caught salmon with tweezers or peel and devein your shrimp on a Tuesday night. But we do. We custom cut and debone at no charge. Our fishmongers are skilled pros with hours of training to do the job quickly and safely. We’ll even crack your crab for you!

We have easy — and delicious — dinnertime solutions.

Marinated or seasoned fillets and shrimp, seafood burgers, crab cakes, stuffed whole fish — our fishmongers are here to help you get dinner on the table faster. Some stores can even cook your fillets for you right then and there for a small fee.

We can tell you the best way to cook your fish.

Cooking fish doesn’t have to be scary. Under the right circumstances, it can be quite easy! Plus, you and I both know you’re ready to mix it up and give that chicken breast a night off. From steaming to grilling to pan-searing, we’re happy to share cooking techniques and hacks we’ve learned along the way. Pro tip: Try grilling our Responsibly Farmed whole striped bass from Mexico — it’s life changing.

We can special order seafood for you.

We definitely geek out over this stuff. As long as the fish meets our seafood Quality Standards opens in a new tab and is in season, we’ll do our best to get it for you. All you have to do is call your Whole Foods Market store opens in a new tab and arrange a pickup.

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