3 Amped-Up Burger Combos for Upgraded Grilling

Freshen up your grilling repertoire with three new burger recipes that go way beyond the usual ketchup-and-mustard classic, from a Thai-inspired salmon burger to a delicious plant-based take.

Plant Based Burger with Green Goddess Dressing recipe

This burger season, take the hands-down, hand-held king of the grill to another level (and layer). There’s no room on the grates for plain ole patties and limp lettuce — these three combos, from a plant-based wonder to a knockout Thai burger, will knock your guests’ sandals off. Give everything a makeover, from the toppings to the condiments to the veggies and even the bun. Check out the rundown and fire up the grill. It’s go time.

(P.S. Looking for that plant-based beauty in the picture above? Find the recipe here opens in a new tab. Plus, get even more tips and tricks to mastering burger grilling and building in The Ultimate Burger Building Guide.)

The Thai One On Salmon Burger

Borrow Thai flavors for this sweet-meets-spicy-meets-crunchy-meets-saucy winner. Stacked with plenty of colorful veggies, this burger is the perfect balance between indulgent and fresh. Wonton strips add even more crunch, and a bright green goddess dressing caps it off with summer garden vibes.

  • Bun: Whole Foods Market Brioche Bun

  • Condiments: Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Dipping Sauce

  • Herbs: Fresh cilantro and mint leaves

  • Toppings: 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Wonton Strips

  • Veggies: Julienned red bell pepper, shaved English cucumber

  • Patty: Salmon — either make your own opens in a new tab or find ready-made patties in our seafood case.

  • Dressing: Vegan green goddess dressing from this recipe opens in a new tab or Gotham Greens Vegan Goddess Dressing Dip

Tips and swaps: If your salmon patty feels a little too tender to put directly on the grill, set a cast-iron skillet right on the grill grates and let it heat up for 10 minutes. Add a tablespoon of oil, then cook the salmon patties until they’re golden brown on both sides (about four minutes a side) and the salmon is cooked through. For a bun-less take, use romaine or bibb lettuce as a wrapper instead.

The Rowdy Rancher Plant-Based Burger

For a burger that defies the idea that plant-based eating has to be limiting, reach for vegan and dairy-free alternatives of dairy-full favorites. The marriage of sweet, thick barbecue sauce and zingy ranch keeps the burger from feeling too rich. Nobody puts plant-based burgers in the corner.

  • Bun: Whole Foods Market Brioche Bun

  • Condiments: Your favorite barbecue sauce, like Haven’s Kitchen Tangy BBQ Sauce

  • Topping: Crispy onions

  • Veggies: Quick pickles opens in a new tab

  • Nondairy cheese: 365 by Whole Foods Market Plant-Based Cheddar Slices

  • Patty: 365 by Whole Foods Market Frozen Plant-Based Burgers

  • Dressing: Homemade vegan ranch opens in a new tab or Field + Farmer Plant-Based Ranch Dressing

Tips and swaps: Want even more plants on your plant-based burger? Stack on baby spinach, sliced tomatoes and avocado for extra veg. Or make it a double-decker by topping the patty with a grilled portobello mushroom.

The PB&Jalapeño

Meet the over-the-top creation made for heat-chasers and peanut butter lovers. Peanut butter? Yup. You’ll be convinced of its place in the burger condiment hall of fame after biting into this big boy. A double hit of meatiness from a classic beef patty and a layer of bacon plus the spice from jalapeño results in an explosively flavorful combo.

  • Bun: Whole Foods Market Brioche Bun

  • Sauce: 365 by Whole Foods Market Creamy Peanut Butter

  • Veggies: Sliced fresh jalapeño, sliced red onion

  • Topping: Applewood-smoked bacon, cooked until crisp

  • Cheese: Deer Creek 36-Month Hand Select Cheddar

  • Patty: Beef burger patty: make your own blend (we like an 80% lean/20% fat ratio) or buy them ready-formed in our meat case.

  • Condiments: 365 by Whole Foods Market German Mustard

Tips and swaps: Choose peanut butters whose ingredients are just peanuts and salt (like our 365 by Whole Foods Market Creamy Peanut Butter) — made with no added sugar. Make sure to spread the peanut butter on the burger while it’s still warm, but right before eating. You want the peanut butter to warm up and melt a little to get a saucy consistency. For a burger that leans lean, swap in ground bison or ground turkey for the beef patty.

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