Your Checklist for the Chillest Summer Ever

From an outdoor picnic to workout supplements, get tips and ideas to boost your wellness this season.

picnic spread with crab cakes, pasta salad, grilled vegetables, drinks

As unprecedented events continue to be a part of daily life, summer will definitely look a little different this year. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find excitement and joy. From having a picnic and enjoying nature to mixing up summer drinks, there is still plenty to keep your mood, energy and overall wellness up. So if you’re looking for ideas beyond streaming TV shows on the couch (which is a totally viable option, by the way), we got you. Take a look at our summer checklist and plan accordingly.

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Remember to wear sunscreen.

First things first: If there is one self-care ritual you should follow this summer, it’s protecting your skin against sun damage. Remember to put on sunscreen before taking your sanity walks, lounging in the backyard or splashing around in your inflatable pool. For an option that could help with the potential impact of sunscreen ingredients on coral reef, try Alba Botanica sun care products.

Be creative with summer drinks.

Give yourself a cool, flavorful break in between your summer activities with fruity and sparkling drinks. We’ve listed some our most refreshing cocktails and mocktails so everyone in your household can join in on the fun.

Must be 21+ to enjoy alcoholic summer refreshments. Please drink responsibly.

bright fruit pops in ice

Make frozen fruit pops with better ingredients.

There’s nothing more synonymous with summer than the classic cool-down treat, aka the frozen pop. Luckily, you can make homemade frozen pops on the fly with nearly any fruit like peaches, watermelon, grapes or strawberries. Here are a few recipes that’ll bring the tropics to you this summer: Peach-Mango Pops and Kiwi Coconut Ice Pops.

Start crossing off your summer reading list.

The world may be traveling less this year, but you can go anywhere within a book’s pages. Besides the fact that reading is one of the easiest ways to escape to another world (or beach or city), it can really help you relax. Consider it a much-needed break from your daily screen time. Have you tried checking out #bookstagram?

Image of grilled items including kabobs, ribs and peaches

Have a backyard grill fest.

Classics like hot dogs and burgers will always be a good idea, but grilled fruit can make for some of the lightest and most delicious pairings to entrées like kabobs and barbecue. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a cheat sheet for how to grill fruit that you can reference all summer. It’s easier than you think.

Add supplements and protein powders to your routine.

Although summer is a time to mostly kick back and relax, it can also be a time for new workouts and fitness goals. Incorporating multivitamins, collagen and more into your post-workout smoothie can be an easy way to help boost your wellness routine. Browse our supplement aisles opens in a new tab for some A+ options from popular brands like Ancient Nutrition.

Image of picnic items

Pack a picnic.

One way to have an outdoor adventure? Pack a picnic. Whether you decide to take a walk in the park or spread out in your backyard, enjoying snacks like fresh fruit, crackers, crudités and cheeses is a great way to add variety to your day and change the scenery. We’ve already got the ultimate summer picnic planned for you.

Get your green thumb on for pollinators.

Planting a garden for butterflies, bees and birds can be a rewarding summer project. Some ideas to start: Build a bird feeder, install bee-nesting blocks or plant native shrubs and trees that can become homes for local pollinators. Then, watch your garden come to life and enjoy. P.S. Remember to skip the insecticides.

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