Summer is back and brighter than ever — we’re talking grill-worthy favorites and all the seasonal produce you can get your hands on. Whether you’re firing up the grill or building your picnic basket, we’ve got barbecue guides, refreshing summer sides and drink recipes for your sunniest season yet.

Score Sweet Summer Daze with Seasonal Fruit.

With juicy seasonal fruit, grill-ready seafood in fruit-inspired marinades and more, our bookmark-worthy hub has everything you need to sweeten your summer.

Our Top Tricks for Lighter Summer Grilling

Fire up your grill with the season’s freshest produce and drool-worthy proteins. From juicy grilled peaches to chargrilled harissa chicken, find inspiration here.

5 Summer Sides That Star Fresh Produce

From organic melons to tomatoes to squash, these bright, beautiful sides feature seasonal fruits and vegetables sure to enhance any summer spread.

12 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Keep You Cool

Beat the heat in style with our favorite summer cocktail and mocktail recipes. Punches, coolers and sodas, oh my!

Must be 21+. Please drink responsibly.

Explore Summer Recipes

10 Summer Fruits and Vegetables To Try ASAP

They’re in season and never better — here’s why berries, cherries and melon should earn a spot on your shopping list this summer.

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