Locally Grown, Raised and Produced

We love local! And when you buy local it helps ensure a strong future for local products. Plus, we've got a dedicated team of foragers working around the US, Canada and the UK to find the best locally grown, raised and produced items to feature at your local Whole Foods Market.

How do we define local? Well, mostly we like to leave it up to our stores. Generally though, we try to use state lines. But, when a state is enormous (like California, for example) we might get a bit more specific about it and divide the state into growing areas like "The Bay Area" or "Central California Coast." Ask your local Whole Foods Market how to find products from your area!

Why Buy Local?

There are lots of reasons to buy locally grown, raised and produced food and other products. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • A Friendly and Fresh Connection

    Supporting local farmers, ranchers, growers and producers helps connect the local community to the people who produce the foods we consume. It also helps keep us connected to the growing seasons and to the unique flavors and diversity of local crops and creations.

  • Preserving Character

    Small local farms are a valuable component of a community’s character, helping maintain agricultural heritage, preserve land use diversity and moderate development. Local product producers help create products that feature the flavors, smells and textures of a community – and are great for sharing with out-of-towners!

  • Crop Diversity and Quality

    Many farmers producing for local markets choose to diversify, growing a variety of crops instead of just one. This is a boon for biodiversity and your palate, since local crops are harvested at their peak of freshness and flavor.

  • Boost the Local Economy

    Minimizing handling and transportation costs gives farmers, ranchers, growers and producers maximum return on their investment. And most of the money spent on local production stays in the community, helping to boost the local economy.

Low-Interest Loans for Independent Farmers, Ranchers and Artisan Producers

In addition to featuring local products in our stores, we provide up to $10 million in low-interest loans to independent farmers, ranchers and artisan producers. We're proud to lend a hand with our Local Producer Loan Program.