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Regina Schantz says ...
I live on Long Island which has become a very good wine production area. My favorite winery is DuckWalk in the Hamptons. Their Blueberry Port is phenomenal! If you stop in for a tasting they serve it with a piece of dark chocolate to enhance it's flavor...YUM
10/19/2011 8:22:41 PM CDT
Sandy says ...
I have to give a shout out for 'McCutcheon's Marinara Pasta Sauce'. This is absolutely the Best pasta sauce I have ever had. I used to make my own because I didn't want all the added oils, sugar and sodium. I happened to see this sauce and I checked the label before I bought it and it sounded great to me. I would have never guessed how delicious this is! No Italian restaurant could ever come close to how good this is. I make spaghetti with the sauce and use the 'Bella Terra Organic WW Angel Hair Pasta'....Oh so good together! You must try it!
10/19/2011 11:55:43 PM CDT
angie says ...
My favorite local (Columbus Ohio) product are the Sticky Buns sold only on Saturdays at Pattycake Vegan Bakery! OMG so good!!! And I am not even vegan, only vegetarian. A lot of my meater friends love them to!
10/20/2011 11:12:40 AM CDT
Holy B says ...
Local apples- hand picked by me!
10/20/2011 3:15:26 PM CDT
Carrie Elsass says ...
When I lived in Seattle, I loved Fran's chocolates, and wish Whole Foods would carry their(or Theo) salted chocolate caramels down south:(
10/21/2011 3:30:52 PM CDT
Annabel says ...
Who won?
11/09/2011 12:28:11 PM CST
Deej Lynch says ...
Teeccino coffees ... all flavors. Mmmm and good for your body too. Small business, woman-owned, mindful of purpose, and providing great, responsive customer service.
12/06/2011 10:16:36 PM CST
doris quilizapa says ...
I love Bhakti Chai!!! I first tried it in Denver. But i live in NY and the Whole Foods Here does not have it in stock :(
12/07/2011 4:29:09 PM CST