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This week, we've got a spring in our step and a silly grin on our face - could it be love? Perhaps, perhaps... but seriously, folks - we're just elated with the positive feedback we've gotten this week! You like us, you really like us! First off, we were named America's Healthiest Grocery Store by a panel of leading health experts.  Hooray!  According to the article, we topped the list because:
Whole Foods has the whole package -- from an extraordinary selection of fresh conventional and organic fruit and vegetables to delicious prepared foods with healthy ingredients and clear labeling. (Most other stores offer mystery meals that may very well be loaded with butter.)

Building the Perfect PBJ Sandwich

Interestingly, the 365 Organic was cheaper than the other three [Jif, Skippy and Reese's]. More important, it was the best-tasting peanut butter in the bunch. It had the freshest peanut taste and seemed to us as if it had less sugar and more salt than the others.

Taster's Choice: Whole Foods' naan comes out on top

Whole Foods took the top slot with its 365 brand ($2.99/12 ounces). "Has a nice bubbly, blistered, slightly charred surface," said one taster. Others commented on the "light texture," "tangy taste" and "nice puffiness," and said that "it looks like traditional naan."