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What’s New: Meatless Sausage, Collagen-Boosting Superfood Powder and More

By Whole Story Editors, April 16, 2018  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

We’re kicking off spring by rolling out new spring essentials like a sparkling Rosé, weeknight dinner shortcuts (pre-cut and prepped veggies!) and got-to-try-them-now newcomers like plant-based sausages.
Like all the food we sell, these new food and drink additions meet our quality standards, which include no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, and no hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup either. For personal care products, we evaluate quality in terms of ingredients and experience. In fact, there are more than 100 ingredients that are not allowed in any body care products we sell.
Stop in our stores to try these latest additions:
Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage
It’s sausage — from plants! This modern miracle of meatiness is made without soy and serves up all the mouthwatering sizzle and juicy satisfaction of pork sausage, while offering the health, environmental and animal welfare benefits of plant protein. These links can be grilled, pan-seared and put on a bun or in a bowl. From the makers of The Beyond Burger.
Whole Foods Market™ Build-Your-Own Thai Salad  
Satisfying your craving for Thai food has never been easier with our fresh selection of ingredients including spicy lime dressing, peanuts, purple cabbage, basil, mint, cucumbers, red bell peppers, green papaya, carrots, chicken and rice noodles. Find all of the ingredients to build your Thai-inspired salad at the salad bar.
Camino Calixo Cava Brut Rosé
Raise a glass and take in the zesty aromas of citrus, wild strawberry and fennel. Salmon-pink in color, the apple, berry and brioche flavors are balanced on a firm structure of mineral acidity and fine bubbles. Pairs perfectly with shellfish, lean fish, appetizers and snacks.
Ancient Nutrition KetoCOLLAGEN
This is a superfood powder for those following a ketogenic diet or anyone looking to experience the power of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut. It not only provides the body with Types I, II and III collagen to support healthy muscles and connective tissue and skin but is also made with no dairy, grain, peas and soy. 
The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman
Alpha Tolman cheese has a buttery, fruit and nut flavor when young and then develops bold meaty, caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The texture is dense, supple and ideal for melting. Pair with a robust ale, plummy red wine or onion jam. 
365 Everyday Value® Pre-cut and Prepped Vegetables
Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Trimmed Brussels Sprouts, Organic Broccoli with Carrots & Cauliflower Florets, Organic Riced Cauliflower and more
Meet your new go-to for fast, home-cooked meals. Ready in just 4-6 minutes, these fresh staples are the ideal shortcuts for side dishes, stews, soups and casseroles. Find them in the produce section.
Whole Foods Market™ Leek & Goat Cheese Quiche
Our flavorful quiches always begin with an all-butter crust. We take this one to the next level with goat cheese, cage-free eggs and roasted leeks. Add a salad for one of the easiest meals ever.
Visit our stores to find new favorites, and check out more recently added products.  
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Why You Should Be Shopping the Bulk Bin Aisle

By Lindsay Robison, April 16, 2018  |  More Posts by Lindsay Robison
If you tend to pass over the bulk bins, it’s time to turn your cart around and give it another look. When you do, you’ll find you can enjoy new lower prices on some items in our bulk bins, which has always been a great place to find value in our stores. Plus, look for a new selection of buy-as-‭much-or-as-little-as-you-like nuts, dried fruit, candy, grind-your-own nut butters, grains, beans, trail mixes and more. ‬
So, what can you buy in bulk? All kinds of things: rice, flours, pasta, soup mixes, cereals, trail mixes, sweeteners, nuts and seeds. And don’t forget snacks and treats. 
Here’s why we love shopping the bulk bins:
  • Reduce waste. Buy what you need for recipes and avoid extra packaging too — definitely something to keep in mind year-round.
  • Save money. Buying only what you need means only paying for what you need. And with new lower prices on some items in the bulk section, that’s extra savings!
  • Experiment. Try new and unfamiliar ingredients without committing to large bags of food that may expire in the back of your pantry. Playing with different flours in your favorite recipes can create new flavors, aromas and textures. 
  • Get fresh. Our bulk section is popular. We sell a lot of bulk foods, so they haven't been sitting and going stale, and where else can you find so many whole-grain and organic choices?

Get Started with 3 DIY Trail Mixes

Buy ingredients in bulk and have them on hand to make your own trail mixes for outdoor adventures or afternoon office snack attacks. Bulk selections vary by store — explore the offerings at your local store, then make a few of our favorite combos below or create your own! 
Granola Anytime
  • Granola
  • Banana chips
  • Chocolate chips
  • Pecans
  • Dried cherries
Island Hike
  • Sesame sticks
  • Raw cashews
  • Raisins
  • Coconut flakes
  • Dried pineapple
Seeds and Sweets
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dried cranberries
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Raisins
Looking for more inspiration? Wholesome snacking is easy with these recipes on hand, starring some of our favorite ingredients from the bulk department: Chewy Coconut Granola Bars, Popcorn Trail Mix, Oat Date Bars, Whole Grain Almond Granola with Cranberries and Pimentón Roasted Garbanzos (tip: you can cook dried garbanzos from our bulk bins by following this simple method).
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4 Takes on Tostadas We’re Loving Right Now

By Paula Forbes, April 16, 2018  |  More Posts by Paula Forbes
Tostadas: They’re flat, they’re crispy, and they’re delicious. Whether you go for a simple smear of avocado or load them up with cheese, tostadas are super easy to put together, making them great for a snack or a meal. Below, four tostada ideas that will have you adding tortillas to your grocery list ASAP.
The Good Morning, Sunshine Tostada
@ErinLivesWhole tops her tostada with some homemade guacamole and a runny-yolk fried egg. Her finishing touch? A pinch of red pepper flakes. Good morning, indeed!
The Roasty Toasty Tostada
The earthy flavors of roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts play well with herb cheese and microgreens on this tostada from @fitgirltreats.
The Major Veggie Tostada
Tostadas are a great way to use leftover vegetables you might have around the house. This tostada from @thecuttingveg gets a coat of black beans before it’s topped with a fried egg, avocado and a load of vegetables.
The Old School Chicken Tostada
Nothing beats a classic: This tostada from @arrayofthings features shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cilantro and sour cream. Hungry yet?
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Biodynamic 101: What to Know and What to Buy Now

By Elizabeth Leader Smith, April 16, 2018  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Leader Smith

Biodynamic. You might have seen the word on signs and packaged goods in our stores, but what does it mean? Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological approach that views farms as living organisms, with the goal for each farm to be a self-sustaining system. The health and well-being of the farm animals, the farmworkers, the farm and the earth are all viewed as integral parts that make up a whole ecosystem. And like organic farmers, biodynamic farmers do not use toxic persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs.
Here are seven biodynamic offerings we’re loving right now — look for sales on these and more from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Wholesome Sweeteners Biodynamic Cane Sugar                         
Interested in introducing biodynamic products into your daily cooking routine? Pantry staples like sugar and rice (check out the sale below!) are good places to start. Get a 24-oz package of Non-GMO Project Verified, organic Wholesome Sweeteners Biodynamic Cane Sugar for $3.99 from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Lundberg Biodynamic Short Grain Brown Rice            
It’s grown organically by a 4th-generation U.S. family farm, and it tastes great. Major flavor will take your everyday dishes to the next level. 1-lb bags are on sale for $3.49 from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Frey Winery Biodynamic Field Blend Wine
Cacao nibs, star anise and berry flavors collide in this rich Rhône-style Red. Raise a glass to a biodynamic wine grown in California on the first organic and biodynamic winery in the U.S. Save $2 per 750ml bottle from 4/18 - 4/24/18**.
Crofter's Vintage Series Biodynamic Spreads
Apricot, Blueberry, Strawberry
Established in 1989, Crofter’s is a family-owned company located in Ontario, Canada, and they’re making seriously delicious spreads. Their Vintage Series Biodynamic Spreads are made with flavorful and nutritious biodynamic fruit and contains less sugar than many jellies or preserves.  Win-win.  These 10-oz limited-edition varieties are on sale for $3.49 from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Lakewood Biodynamic Juices                     
Pure Apple, Pure Pomegranate, Pure Beet, Pure Cranberry, Apricot Nectar, Mango Nectar
Enjoy a big dose of fresh pressed juice from biodynamic produce. Pure Apple is just that — the juice from 10 to 12 organic apples in every bottle. Each variety delivers a similar wallop of real flavor from real fruit. Get a 32-oz bottle of Pure Apple, Apricot Nectar or Mango Nectar for $5.99; Pure Beet for $6.49; Pure Cranberry or Pure Pomegranate for $9.99 from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Natural Nectar Biodynamic Brittany Apple Sauce 
Brittany Apple, Brittany Apple Pear, Brittany Apple Cinnamon     
An update on a family favorite! Made from whole Brittany apples from the biodynamic orchards in Nantes, France, these organic sauces have a rich flavor and no added sugar. Get Natural Nectar Biodynamic Brittany Apple Sauce for $5.29 per 22-oz jar from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
The Republic of Tea Biodynamic Teas   
Heirloom Chamomile, Turmeric Cinnamon                   
Sip your chamomile knowing that it’s grown on a 100-acre biodynamic garden at the base of the Italian Alps and harvested at night when the essential oils are at their peak. (Yes, really.) Or try the turmeric trend with an earthy, full-bodied blend of turmeric and cinnamon grown by a collective of four biodynamic farms in central Sri Lanka. Save on a 36-count tin for $11.99 from 4/18 - 5/1/18*.
Interested in more ways to support biodynamic farms? Look for the Demeter Certified Biodynamic label on products throughout the store, including grocery staples and wine. The label is your way of knowing that a farm meets the Biodynamic Farm and Processing Standards set forth by Demeter International, the world’s oldest ecological certification body.
* Valid 4/18 - 5/1/18. Not valid at Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. U.S. only. While supplies last. No rain checks.
**Valid 4/18 - 4/24/18. While supplies last. Not valid at Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. U.S. only. Wine sale prices not legally available in all stores. No rain checks. Cannot be combined with a case discount where prohibited by law. Must be 21. Please drink responsibly.
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10 Ways You Can Support the Planet Just by Grocery Shopping

By Elizabeth Leader Smith, April 16, 2018  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Leader Smith

You're right. Your choices at the grocery store matter, not just to the health of your family but the health of the planet. And every little thing helps. It can be as simple as remembering your reusable bags or choosing products that respect the planet — we make it easy. Here are 10 ways you can make a positive impact on the planet when you’re at the grocery store. 

1. Switch to organics

Organic agriculture prohibits toxic and persistent chemicals to help prevent them from getting into our air, soil, water... and food! Choosing organic supports farmers and producers who believe in good health, quality food and earth-friendly agricultural practices.

2. Buy biodynamic products 

Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological approach that views farms as living organisms, with the goal for each farm to be a self-sustaining system. The health and well-being of the farm animals, the farmworkers, the farm and the earth are all viewed as integral parts that make up a whole ecosystem. Like organic farming, biodynamic farming does not permit GMOs, synthetic fertilizers or toxic persistent pesticides.

3. Shop and give back

Since 1993, our stores have hosted quarterly Community Giving Days (also called 5% Days) where five percent of the day’s net sales are donated to support nonprofit or educational organizations that align with our core values. On Thursday, April 19, 2018 more than half of our stores in the US and Canada will donate five percent of the day’s net sales to The Nature Conservancy. Check if your local store is donating to The Nature Conservancy or if they’ve designated another worthy partner focused on environmental stewardship to support. We estimate we will raise up to $2 million in support of local environmental organizations, including The Nature Conservancy — plan to shop on April 19! 

4. Choose sustainable seafood

Yes, you can make a difference at the seafood counter and help maintain healthy fish populations, restore ecosystems and build a more sustainable seafood supply. All seafood — yes, every choice — from our seafood department is either Responsibly Farmed or sustainably caught, and we can trace all of them from farm or fishery to the store. 

5. Reduce food waste

Buying ingredients from our bulk bins not only means that you’re cutting back on packaging, it also allows you to buy only the amount you need. Bonus: Look for a new selection of buy-as-‭much-or-as-little-as-you-like nuts, dried fruit, candy, grind-your-own nut butters, grains, beans, trail mixes and more and new lower prices on select items too.‬‬

6. Improve lives with every purchase

Every Whole Trade® purchase funds community projects — such as schools and health clinics — determined by the farmworkers themselves. Keep your eyes out for the logo on a wide variety of everyday items from fresh fruit and coffee beans to chocolate bars and flowers.

7. Support responsible packaging

Look for products with minimal packaging, those that use recycled and/or recyclable materials and products with other packaging like Stonyfield multi-pack yogurt cups. In 2010, Stonyfield launched cups made from plants by replacing their polystyrene containers with plant-based plastics. 

8. Clean up your cleaning products

Look for botanical-based cleaning solutions like Seventh Generation sprays, surface wipes, laundry detergents, dish soaps and more, which are powered by plants and rooted in results. Tip: Save on a variety of Seventh Generation cleaning solutions through May 1*.

9. Buy recycled products

Buying new products made from recycled materials allows you to "close the loop," creating a market for the items recycled curbside or in other recycling programs. 

10. Bring a bag

This Earth Day marks the 10th anniversary of when we banned disposable plastic grocery bags at store checkout. When you bring your reusable bag, you save a paper bag, and you’ll get a little discount, too.
*Valid 4/4-5/1/18. While supplies last. U.S. only. Not available at 365 stores. No rain checks. Some exclusions apply.
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