5 Reasons to Love Our Berry Chantilly Cake

It's a cult favorite in our Bakery department for a reason. Find out why this luscious cake is worth trying, plus how to place an order.

sliced berry chantilly cake on plates

Meet our Berry Chantilly Cake. This Whole Foods Market exclusive treat features layers of delicate vanilla cake, fluffy Chantilly cream frosting and fresh berries. It’s so irresistible, in fact, that people have been known to stand in line for it through power outages and impending natural disasters (true story). Curious what the hype is all about? Read on for more delicious details about Berry Chantilly Cake.

Reserve Berry Chantilly Cake ahead online and schedule time for pickup. Availability may vary.

1. It’s grandmother-approved.

This cake first made its debut 13 years ago at the Arabella Station opens in a new tab store in New Orleans, where one of our talented Bakery team members formulated a recipe based on her grandmother’s original creation. It was an instant hit, and other stores picked up the recipe.

2. It’s no ordinary cake.

Our Berry Chantilly Cake uses fresh berries, cage-free eggs and unbleached, unbromated flour — and no hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin. In other words: You can feel good about biting into a slice (or three).

3. It’s exclusive to Whole Foods Market.

Berry Chantilly has spawned dozens of online copycats and even its very own hashtag: #berrychantilly opens in a new tab. You’ll find numerous iterations of it on the internet — but the original version belongs to Whole Foods Market.

4. It’s customizable, too.

Our Bakery team members are always happy to add a personal message to your Berry Chantilly Cake, as well as any other cake in our Bakery department. (And if your name is written on it, who says you need to share?)

5. It’s perfect for any occasion.

Available year-round, Berry Chantilly Cake is perfect for Fourth of July, Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, bridal showers — or just because. Contact your Whole Foods Market store opens in a new tab to see if it’s available, then drop by to pick it up from our Bakery. You can find it whole or by-the-slice.

We also offer a wide selection of cakes and cupcakes that can be ordered ahead for in-store pickup or convenient delivery.* Check out the Whole Foods Market cake menu to learn more. Exact selection and availability varies by store.

*Exclusively for Prime members in select ZIP codes.

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