How to Shop the Bulk Bins at Whole Foods Market

New to shopping in bulk? Our step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to do it.

Curious about our bulk bins but feeling a bit intimidated? Don’t be. Buying grains, legumes, spices and more from our Bulk department couldn’t be easier. Not to mention it has plenty of advantages: It gives you a broad selection to choose from, lets you only buy the amount you truly need and cuts down on packaging. Here’s how easy it is to shop our Bulk department.

Step 1

Grab one of the provided bags or containers and fill it with the amount of items that you want. Some stores have scales in the Bulk department, so you can weigh your bulk purchase to make sure you’re getting the amount you need.

Step 2

Write down the number you see on the bin — aka the PLU number — on a provided twist tie or label, and affix it to your bag or container. If your local store has a bulk scale, place your item on the scale, punch in the PLU number to print out your tag and affix it to your bag or container.

Step 3

Check out as usual! It’s really that simple. The cashier has a scale and will look up the price of the item with the PLU and ring it up with the rest of your groceries.

Still not convinced? Check out our top reasons to shop in bulk. (Hint: You can save money!)

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