Sustainable Canned Tuna

To help protect our oceans, the canned tuna in our stores goes beyond the dolphin-safe label. Our sourcing policy requires all fisheries supplying canned tuna to use pole-and-line, troll or handline catch methods. That means fishermen catch tuna one fish at a time, which prevents bycatch and creates more fishing jobs. Much of conventional canned tuna is caught by vessels using purse seine nets with Fish Aggregating Devices (known as FADs), that attract tuna but also result in high bycatch of sea turtles, sharks and other marine life. Our policy also requires tracking of canned tuna back to the source, utilizing electronic traceability software. We’re the first national retailer to set such a high standard for canned tuna sourcing. You can find our Whole Foods Market Canned Tuna Sourcing Policy here.