Calling All Corn Connoisseurs

Make the most of this quintessentially summer staple with these recipes for your next outdoor party, picnic or barbeque – or even a weeknight meal.

Mexican-Style Corn

Corn is a summer staple in my house. I can think of three favorite recipes right off the bat:

Most people think of corn as a vegetable, but it’s really a grain. In fact, it’s a whole gain dating back to prehistoric times in Central America. The large leafy stalk produces “ears” of corn and the kernels are actually the seeds that are attached to the cob.
There are numerous varieties of corn. The field varieties are mainly used as feed for animals and humans eat the sweet varieties. Corn is popular all over the world; some popular international corn recipes include:

With corn, the possibilities are endless. Remember, leftovers can be used in appetizers, baked goods, salads and main dishes. Here are more ideas:

Got a favorite corn recipe? Let me know.

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