Serving Up Bell Peppers

Packed with nutrition as well as great taste, bell peppers add color, crunch and crazy flavor to your dishes. Try our ideas.

Growing up I often wondered what sort of peppers Peter Piper picked. As a child in Louisiana who had her fair share of hot pepper burns, I decided Peter would have been crazy to pick anything other than bell peppers! Here’s why:

  • They’re colorful, packed with good nutrition, and add great taste and charm to a dish or a meal.

  • They make great dippers for favorite dips.

  • They can be eaten cooked, raw or pickled.

  • They burst with crunch and sassy flavor from the very first bite. 

  • They won’t burn your tongue like chili peppers!

Baby bell peppers start out green. As they grow, their colors change. For harvesting, they can be picked green or the farmers can let them continue to mature to yellow, orange, red or a variety of other colors. While you can use any color of bell peppers in your recipes, remember that their flavors range from slightly bitter and pungent for green peppers to mildly sweet for red peppers, so choose accordingly.  Here’s how to love bell peppers:

How do you enjoy bell peppers? Got a favorite recipe? Let me know.

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