Whole Body's Back to School Favorites


Hello!!!Everyone is headed back to school! Parents get a reprieve while kids get on their schedule again. Since different parts of the country go back to school at different times, we focus on back to school for both August and September in Whole Body, and you'll find some great products featured. Need a great vitamin? In August we highlighted New Chapter's Every Kid opens in a new tab Organic MultiVitamin. It is kind of like a Pixie StixTM except it is a supplement and made with organic sweeteners. The Goodness Grape flavor is exclusively available at Whole Foods Market!

In September we are featuring a full array of fun kid's bath products from Aura Cacia opens in a new tab. My daughter loves pumping the foamy body wash herself and playing with the bubbles. (Yes, that's her in the photo!)In addition to these featured products, all of our Whole Body departments have an amazing array of kid's products for all ages and many of our stores are featuring notebooks and other back to school supplies from New Leaf Paper opens in a new tab, which is a company that is changing the way we look at paper production. Did you know that by switching to paper made with post-consumer recycled content is a great way to reduce your environmental impact? Not only do you save trees, you save water, energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. This is because making paper from waste paper is a less polluting and less resource intensive process than making paper from trees.To see just how significant the environmental benefits are of using post-consumer recycled paper - look at the following case study.  In 2003, 960,000 copies of the Canadian Harry Potter books were printed on New Leaf EcoBook100.  By using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, instead of paper made with virgin fiber, they saved the following resources:

  • 29,640 trees

  • 633,557 kilograms of solid waste

  • 47,007,044 litres of water

  • 20,248 BTUs of electricity(195 years of electric power required by the avg US home)

  • 1,215,443 Kilograms of greenhouse gases(3,900,000 kilometers equivalent driving the avg American car)

Environmental benefits are calculated based on research done by the Environmental Defense Fund and the other members of the Paper Task Force who studied the environmental impacts of the paper industry.  Contact the EDF for a copy of their report and the latest updates on their data.  Trees saved calculation based on trees with a 10" diameter.   Actual diameter of trees cut for pulp range from 6" up to very large, old growth trees. Home energy use equivalent provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Francisco.   Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Absorbable Organic Compounds (AOX).  Landfill space saved based on American Paper Institute, Inc. publication, Paper Recycling and its Role in Solid Waste Management. Have a great school year!

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