7 Easy Ideas for Weekday Breakfasts

Jumpstart your day with these helpful tips and recipes to make when you're crazy busy.

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Nearly one in four Americans skips breakfast on any given day according to research opens in a new tab in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Mornings can be hectic — especially as the season transitions from summer to the school year. So here’s a full week’s worth of easy and delicious ways to save time as you start your morning.

1. Assemble freezer smoothies for a quick fix.

Portion the ingredients for this Double Green Smoothie opens in a new tab into individual bags and freeze for a frazzled morning. Then simply dump a serving or two per batch in the blender, top off with a non-dairy milk alternative and blend.

2. Make the most of last night’s leftovers.

Cut down on food waste by transforming extra ingredients into something totally new. We can’t get enough of these brie-eautiful mini frittatas opens in a new tab that come together 12-servings at a time in a muffin tin. Stock up on organic bacon for a protein and savory flavor punch, then combine that with eggs, a splash of milk and a couple handfuls of veggies and cheeses you have left over.

3. Go ahead, eat dessert for breakfast.

With our Breakfast Banana Split opens in a new tab, you can enjoy essentially the same ingredients as you’d find in a fruit and yogurt parfait. To make it, peel and halve a banana lengthwise, spoon on your favorite Greek yogurt or non-dairy yogurt alternative, then top with granolafor crunch. Kids will like helping assemble these “sundaes” almost as much as they love eating them.

4. Set and forget before bed.

Your slow cooker can help get breakfast on the table while you get your beauty sleep. Our Slow-Cooker Breakfast Casserole opens in a new tab combines many of the elements of a Denver omelet in a no-fuss fashion that’s baked to warm, cheesy perfection after seven hours on low.

5. Make an epic casserole in advance.

Make a casserole like this Blueberry Breakfast Bake opens in a new tab before bed, then chill overnight. The flavors amplify as it rests, as the cinnamon custard infuses every bite of the bread and berries. (Speaking of that custard, try using your favorite non-dairymilk alternative in place of regular milk.) Pop it in the oven after your alarm rings (but before you hop in the shower) and you’re less than an hour away from a rave-worthy meal.

6. Dress up freezer waffles.

Struggle to inspire your kids to join you at the breakfast table? Get a square meal in them via everyone’s favorite square-topped diner delight.Stock up on a stash of 365 by Whole Foods Market Mini Waffles for Fruit and Waffle Breakfast Kabobs opens in a new tab. Or use frozen waffles for Berry Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches opens in a new tab so you’re never more than minutes away from a portable, scrumptious option.

7. Freeze a batch of breakfast sandwiches.

You’ll fly past the fast-food drive-thru window when you have a stack of Egg Muffin Sandwiches opens in a new tab ready to go in the freezer. Over the weekend, bake several eggs in individual muffin tin cups. Then, tuck them between toasted English muffins alongside meat and cheese from the Whole Foods Market deli counter. Wrap well in foil and toss enough servings to feed your crew into a zip-top bag. From there, all that’s left to do is unwrap, reheat and eat.

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