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How to Build the Ultimate Breakfast Spread

When you're hosting guests for a special occasion, the holidays or just because, a breakfast spread is an easy way to keep everyone happy and well-fed. Try these effortless ideas to help you assemble a delicious and memorable meal that everyone will be raving about.

1. Oven-Fresh Grapefruit

Turn the season’s best citrus into an even sweeter treat. Sprinkle a tray of cut grapefruit halves with sugar and broil in the oven for about 5 minutes.

2. Oh-So-Sweet French Toast

Combine 365 by Whole Foods Market Cage-Free Plus Eggs and Whole Foods Market Sweet Balsamic & Cherry Panettone, a twist on a traditional sweet and airy bread from Italy, to make the world’s best French toast! Give this recipe a try.

3. Goat Cheese + Smoked Salmon = The Best Bagel Ever

Stir together a savory spread for toast or bagels with Mitica Capricho de Cabra, a creamy flavorful goat cheese, and slivers of smoked salmon.

4. Make-Your-Own Mimosas

Fill a cooler or ice bucket with ice and water, a magnum (one bottle can serve about 10 full pours!) of prosecco and juices for DIY mimosas. Here's a quick recipe for Mango Mimosas.

5. Easy, Breezy Bacon

Pop bacon in the oven on a rimmed baking sheet for hands-off cooking. But first — stock up by visiting our Meat department. All of our bacon is made without synthetic nitrates and comes from pigs raised without antibiotics.

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