Dinner Ideas

Ready to recharge your dinner routine? Read on for produce-packed salads, pasta night done right, a Whole Foods Market rotisserie chicken remix and more to spice up your supper.

5 Dinner Shortcuts for When You Need a Break in the Kitchen

We've got ready-to-eat meals, juicy rotisserie chickens, frozen entrées and more for satisfyingly simple dinners.

caprese salad recipe

Salad Recipes

There's a salad recipe to match your every mood. Find fresh dinner ideas here.

Indian Spiced Salmon With Lentils recipe

Indian-Spiced Salmon with Lentils

Indian spices bring warmth and depth of flavor to salmon in this satisfying supper.

3 Plant-Powered Bowls to Fuel Your Week

Add flavorful veggies into your routine with bright, colorful bowls. Need inspo? Get started with these easy recipes.

Seared Sea Scallops with Radishes and Chives

Sea scallops and vibrant radishes shine in this simple, versatile recipe.

Orecchiette Pasta with Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe recipe

10 Tips to Do Pasta Night Right

Become a pasta pro with these helpful cooking tips and recipes.

4 Easy Ways to Reinvent Our Rotisserie Chicken

Think of rotisserie chicken as a blank slate for easy dinners. With a rotisserie in your fridge, the dinner potential is pretty much endless.

slow cooker split pea soup

Slow Cooker Favorites

Cooking low and slow is one of the easiest ways to enjoy cozy meals.

How to Build a BBQ-Inspired Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

Keep the grilling vibes going strong with this fun dinner option.