10 Tropical Fruits You Need to Try ASAP

Surprise your taste buds with unique tastes and textures that are oh-so-sweet.

Assortment of tropical fruit on concrete surface

With spring’s warmer weather comes a bounty of refreshing produce and exotic fruits that are well worth exploring opens in a new tab. From tried-and-true favorites like yellow mango to the more adventurous sweet-tart rambutans, look for these tropical fruits in the Produce department opens in a new tabof your Whole Foods Market store when they’re in season.*

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Explore Our List of Tropical Fruits

Visit the Produce department at your Whole Foods Market store opens in a new tab to stock up on these exotic fruits, plus our selection of organic, local, seasonal and Sourced for Good options.

*While supplies last. Check the Whole Foods Market app and your store for availability.