5 Steaks Your Butcher Loves to Grill: Skirt, Flat-Iron and More

Fire up your grill this summer with adventurous, butcher-favorite cuts that score big on flavor.

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There’s plenty to love about New York strip steak and filet mignon, but why not grill something new this summer? Lesser-known cuts like flat-iron, tri-tip and bavette steak are packed with flavor, offer great value and are easier to cook than you’d expect. Butchers rave about them, which should tell you something. We’ll help you grill boldly and eat deliciously with tips and recipes for these adventurous cuts.

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Top Tips for Grilling Steak

If you’re cooking a new cut on the grill or you just need a refresher, follow these butcher-approved tips for success.

  • Let meat come to room temperature: Remove steak from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before grilling so that it comes to room temperature. This helps it cook more evenly from edges to center.

  • Rest grilled meats: For juicier, tastier results, let your steak rest for a few minutes before slicing or digging in.

  • Slice against the grain: Avoid tough, chewy meat by slicing your steak against the grain. Look for the direction that the muscle fibers run, then cut in the opposite direction.

  • Use a meat thermometer: For thicker cuts, a meat thermometer can mean the difference between overcooked and sheer perfection.

  • We can help: Have a question? Looking for grilling tips? Our expert butchers opens in a new tab behind the meat counter are here to help you win weeknight dinner or pull off a special occasion.

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